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Autism Mom And Son I Love You To The Moon Back You’ll Never Walk Alone Shirt – Bino Shirt

My line is proposing a new conversation in African design. It’s very different from what I believed most people in Lagos understood fashion to be. But it seems to have found a place though as I’ve seen sales increase. What is the role of community in your work? I made a manifesto when I started LSP […]

American Flag Dad Of Ballers With Softball And Baseball Shirt – Shining Shirt

How did you come up with the name Lagos Space Programme, and what does it mean? I have always been very fascinated by space travel; I wanted a name that contextualized my interests in archival textiles and culture, while also alluding to an idea of the future. In 2018 I showcased my first collection under […]

Death Skull Gunsmoke Never Underestimate A Grumpy Old Man Who Doesn’t Give Af About What You Think Shirt – Shining Shirt

Educated in England, Thompson takes inspiration from everywhere and everything—Yohji Yamamoto, architecture, New Romantics—but it’s how these references are filtered “through a Nigerian lens,” and evoke a sense of “national pride,” that brings them into the LSP orbit. “I want to challenge obsolete norms around blackness, African design, mental health, masculinity, and beauty,” says Thomspon. […]

Strong Woman When I Die Don’t Let Me Vote Democrat Retro Vintage Shirt – Shining Shirt

Add Arise Fashion Week to the list of fashion events postponed by COVID-19. Among the many designers who were planning to show this season is Adeju Thompson, the 29-year-old creative force behind Lagos Space Programme. Founded two years ago, LSP is a genderless line that is effecting a gentle disruption of the existing fashion system […]

Tractor Weekend Forecast 100 Percent Change Farming Vintage Retro Shirt – Shining Shirt

The fashion community is finding more and more ways to help those most affected by COVID-19, including the impoverished and homeless populations, older adults, restaurant employees, small-business owners, and many other groups in need of extra support during this time. For instance, Pyer Moss designer Kerby Jean-Raymond announced earlier this week that he will be […]

Messy Bun Mom Just Call Me Pretty And Take Me Racing Karting Shirt – Shining Shirt

I also reached out to other retailers. “What are you doing about deliveries?” I emailed Christina Bryant, who had closed her home store St. Frank in Pacific Heights. A friend who has a women’s store in the Mission wrote to me, “Are you asking for a rent abatement?” At least five fellow entrepreneurs forwarded the […]

Motocross Dad My Favorite Riding Buddies Call Me Dad Vintage Shirt – Shining Shirt

Nearly 85% of Hero Shop’s revenue comes from in-store purchases (as opposed to online sales or personal shopping). The idea of eliminating that stream for almost a month, while still having bills to pay, was crushing. All I could do was act. I had to tell my five part-time staffers to not come in and […]

Cute don’t cough on me cat meme 2020 shirt – Shining Shirt

Aside from my close friend living in Delhi, India, where a N95 is a daily necessity due to the pollution, regular people shouldn’t be wearing them. I’ve seen tourists visiting the World Trade Center in N95s, and celebrities and influencers are showing off their N95 masks on Instagram, usually just to run errands or drive […]

5 things you should know about my girlfriend shirt – Shining Shirt

Most of us have learned that hospitals all over the world are also running out of supplies, namely face masks. It’s a two-part problem: Half of the face masks American hospitals use are made in China, which temporarily halted exports as it grappled with its own outbreak. Even with expanded production, China’s factories aren’t on […]