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Enter Zoom. It’s amazing how I have fallen in love with a platform I have to admit I had never used until exactly a week ago. I have really loved watching all my coworkers similarly warm up to it. Group meetings started with just a couple brave souls showing their faces (as well as sharing […]

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This week has definitely felt like one big topsy-turvy rollercoaster ride as we adjust to a new world of working from home and practicing social distancing. Normally at Vogue, we have quite a social office. From fashion meetings to cafeteria lunches to riding around to events together, as much as some of us might long […]

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I rerouted the shipments I could to my apartment, and our landlords and vendors have said they’re willing to work with us on payment terms. Fortunately, Hero Shop has a loyal Instagram following, and clients use our Stories and DMs as a way to shop. So I’ve prioritized posting and am trying to make our […]

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I also reached out to other retailers. “What are you doing about deliveries?” I emailed Christina Bryant, who had closed her home store St. Frank in Pacific Heights. A friend who has a women’s store in the Mission wrote to me, “Are you asking for a rent abatement?” At least five fellow entrepreneurs forwarded the […]

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Yesterday California governor Gavin Newsom ordered all 40 million Californians to stay at home—effectively forcing all nonessential businesses in the state to close shop and residents to remain indoors. We can leave only to get groceries, supplies, or medicine and go outside only as long as we’re six feet from anyone else. San Francisco has […]

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So it seems entirely possible that designers around the world could pitch in to make surgical drapes, regular gowns, and maybe even face masks. Perhaps the larger brands and luxury groups could partner with hospitals or health-care bodies to find a way to make hospital-approved sterile gowns and drapes, too; LVMH’s move to divert its […]

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Just today, Governor Cuomo called on apparel manufacturers to look into making masks too. Christian Siriano wrote back instantly on Twitter to offer his team’s help, and other designers have likely reached out, too. According to my sister, in addition to face masks, they should research how to make a variety of gowns and surgical […]