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Most of us have learned that hospitals all over the world are also running out of supplies, namely face masks. It’s a two-part problem: Half of the face masks American hospitals use are made in China, which temporarily halted exports as it grappled with its own outbreak. Even with expanded production, China’s factories aren’t on […]

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Like any good millennial, most of my interactions are taking place on Instagram. Of all the direct messages I’ve received from friends, family, colleagues, and Vogue readers, the ones that hit closest to home are the notes inquiring about my twin sister, a nurse in a level-IV neonatal intensive care unit in New York. Designer friends who […]

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As the entire world goes quiet, we’re quickly learning to appreciate our digital connections via social media, FaceTime, and old-school phone calls. Glitchy conference videos aren’t quite the same as a real-life conversation, nor is a heart emoji as comforting as a hug, but it’s certainly better than nothing. During the next round, you will […]

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When you’re ready to knit, cast on the amount of stitches you need: Knit one, purl one in the round. Tie a loop of yarn and place it on your needle. Lift it from left to right each time you pass it. Knit until your work measures 33 centimeters in total. If you want to […]

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Materials: Two balls (skeins) of chunky yarn in pure wool, alpaca, or merino wool, and a short, round knitting needle. “The trick is to make a knitting swatch with the yarn you have. Cast on 14 stitches, and knit back and forth in a rib, meaning you knit one, and purl one. The amount of stitches […]

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“I find comfort in knitting every day,” Burmeister says. “It’s such a soothing hobby and it keeps me grounded and off of my phone.” She endorses a less-is-more approach to life and to our closets, making knits that are designed to be timeless and sustainable. “You can choose your colors and customize your sweater, beanie, […]

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It was Copenhagen native Nanna Burmeister’s mother who taught her how to knit. In her youth Burmeister pushed it off to the side, but she picked it up again when she became pregnant with her first child. Once her son was born and grew a bit older, Burmeister began knitting her own clothing. At the […]

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“This is the perfect thing to search the internet for, or you can reach out to your stylist to easily guide you through it!” This Is Salon has created a dedicated page offering hair tutorials and virtual styling services.  Like most freelancers and small-business owners in the industry, there are feelings of fear and uncertainty […]

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“Most people who have their hair professionally colored will want to retain the color for as long as possible in between appointments,” explains François. He’s been advising his color-treated clients to carefully consider how often they cleanse and what type of shampoo they use. Generally speaking, color-safe, sulfate-free formulas will be the “least drying and […]

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Stylists are unanimous in advising clients not to trim their own bangs or make any big changes to their cuts on their own—especially not at the guidance of YouTube videos. “Having a professional fix the damage done will be more time-consuming and more expensive than waiting patiently and having it done correctly once it’s safe […]