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The organization’s global impact continues to astound its founders. “People are seeking satisfaction, completion, and health. Women have quit their jobs, started their own companies,” Dixon says. “One of our organizers didn’t think she could have a baby. She not only had a baby, [but] she weighed less at nine months than when she first […]

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With an active membership of 820,000 and counting, GirlTrek’s mission is to mobilize one million women by the end of 2020. Dixon, who has been living in Ghana for over a year, has found that the movement appeals to an international audience. “The core of GirlTrek is reclaiming your time from exploitative labor, and that […]

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Each introspective walk offers a window into a lively conversation between the two friends while highlighting familiar African American female freedom fighters like Ida B. Wells and Shirley Chisholm as well as lesser-known activists like Lucille Clifton and Esther Jones. Participants receive a daily email with reading resources, speeches, and curated playlists. Garrison and Dixon […]

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GirlTrek’s offerings include wellness events and national conversations via social media. This includes the 20-city “The Road to Selma” tour and the #DaughtersOf series, a matrilineal-based healing initiative that featured conversations with legendary civil rights activists. Garrison and Dixon decided to take those discussions to the streets, creating the foundation for Black History Bootcamp, which […]

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“Our friendship is the basis for GirlTrek, which is lifesaving sisterhood,” says Dixon. “We inspire women to start a daily habit of walking through national campaigns,” adds Garrison. “We then train those women to be organizers. We’ve trained thousands of Black women across the United States to be health activists and public health organizers in their […]

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“In this moment, as we fight for our very sanity, our communities, our babies, ourselves, our men; we turn to the most beautiful source, the Black women who walked before us,” explains GirlTrek cofounder T. Morgan Dixon of the inspiration behind the audio series. “It is an acknowledgement that we walk in the footsteps of […]

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I split the reflective excursions between my two favorite New York City parks: Inwood Hill and Van Cortlandt, secluded forests within northern Manhattan and the Bronx, respectively, where the woods feels worlds away from an area hard-hit by the pandemic. I started in the Bronx on Sojourner Truth Day, when GirlTrek was paying homage to the […]

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Pre-pandemic, I was content with outdoor exercise that allowed me to work my body and reset my mind. When feeling adventurous, I opted for kayaking or rock-climbing. Other days, I craved low-impact movement in the form of bike riding or hiking. But in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak and the national movement for equality, […]

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As the athleisure market continues to boom, so too does the amount of harmful environmental waste. Lin emphasizes the fact that, unlike most activewear players, she and her PH5 team do not buy rolls of fabric and cut them into patterns, which creates leftover scraps. Everything is made using exact measurements and the amount of […]

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Also: The use of knit fabrics makes it possible to “tailor different compression needs according to different muscle types,” notes Lin. For example, she says: “We gave our bra tops a curved shape and knit the front of the bra with more compression than the back. We also knit our leggings with a thinner and […]