Crewmate shhhhhhh! Shirt – Shining Shirt

This week has definitely felt like one big topsy-turvy rollercoaster ride as we adjust to a new world of working from home and practicing social distancing. Normally at Vogue, we have quite a social office. From fashion meetings to cafeteria lunches to riding around to events together, as much as some of us might long for the odd work-from-home day, we are all feeling the strain of this new reality. For me, it has a lot to do with daily inspiration. Not only do I love spending time with my coworkers and bouncing ideas off those I admire day-to-day, I get a whole lot of fashion inspiration from those around me.

Crewmate shhhhhhh! Shirt, sweater and hoodie

Buy it: Crewmate shhhhhhh! Shirt – Shining Shirt

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Crewmate shhhhhhh! Shirt – Shining Shirt

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