Eat Sleep Anime Reapeat Shirt – Shining Shirt

Add Arise Fashion Week to the list of fashion events postponed by COVID-19. Among the many designers who were planning to show this season is Adeju Thompson, the 29-year-old creative force behind Lagos Space Programme. Founded two years ago, LSP is a genderless line that is effecting a gentle disruption of the existing fashion system in Lagos, Nigeria. In his brand manifesto, Thomspon describes LSP not as a brand, but as an ethical movement that values teamwork and craftsmanship. Community and heritage are central to Thompson’s work, informing it on ideological and material levels. His first LSP collection, for example, was inspired by the “workwear of the babalawo (a traditional priest).” Another collection, called Post-Adire, was an exploration of how traditional dyeing and storytelling techniques could be used in new contexts and garments. It featured exceptional hand-knits, made from strips of printed fabric, shown with wrap skirts.

Eat Sleep Anime Reapeat Shirt, sweater and hoodie

Buy it: Eat Sleep Anime Reapeat Shirt – Shining Shirt

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Eat Sleep Anime Reapeat Shirt – Shining Shirt

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