I enjoy long walks through cemeteries shirt , hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

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Here are some examples. Vietnamese celebrate the lunar new year with the same traditions of offering red, moneyed envelopes and dragon dances. The tradition of gifting red envelopes is called li xi in Vietnamese, li shi in Mandarin, and lai see in Cantonese. The lunar new year is THE most sacred of holidays in Vietnam. However, I don’t believe this same holiday is celebrated in any other Southeast Asian country and if it is, it is only done so by actual overseas Chinese living in those countries (who self-identify as Chinese) and not by the local, native population as in Vietnam. Similarly, we also celebrate the mid-autumn moon festival with moon cakes just like Chinese. Outside of ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese, this is not a holiday recognized by any other group of people that I know of. Moreover, Mahayana is the pervasive form of Buddhism in Vietnam and China and it arrived in Vietnam from India by way of China. Contrast that with elsewhere in geographic Southeast Asia, where it is the Theraveda form of Buddhism which dominates, as it does in Thailand and Cambodia. Classical Chinese was the official language of Vietnam for many, many centuries right up until the early 20th century. The French eventually saw fit to abolish that during the colonial years and also implemented a Latin-based writing system for the Vietnamese language, but 60-70% of Vietnamese vocabulary is still derived directly from Chinese, albeit with a Vietnamese twist, and this part of the vocabulary is still collectively known in Vietnamese as “Hán-Việt,” wherein Hán refers to Han Chinese (see li xi, li shi, lai see above for an example). Vietnamese and Chinese are by no means mutually intelligible in spite of the radical importation of the lexicon and there are certainly parts of Vietnamese culture that evolved independently of Chinese influence and are distinctly Vietnamese in their own right, but I wanted to highlight just some of the powerful and plentiful similarities that do exist as a result of Vietnam having been part of the Sinosphere for so long irrespective of its geographic designation. If Vietnam were a salad, the lettuce would be Vietnamese, the toppings Chinese, and the dressing again Vietnamese to bind it all together. All this is peppered by French and increasingly American seasonings as well.

I enjoy long walks through cemeteries shirt , hoodie, sweater, long sleeve and tank top

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As a final note, on a cultural level only, having grown up in a Vietnamese household, I feel more kinship with Chinese culture than I do with any other Asian culture (other than Vietnamese of course) because it is familiar to me, and it’s really no accident that it feels familiar. EDIT: There is a distinct Chinese, mostly Cantonese, community that formed in relatively recent history (last couple hundred years) in Vietnam. These are the Hoa. The Hoa community is not well-integrated** into Vietnamese society as its members still communicate primarily in Chinese and would self-identify as Chinese despite having been in Vietnam for a number of generations. When they emigrate from Vietnam to places such as France and especially the United States, they tend to re-assert their Chinese identity, often sinicizing their adopted Vietnamese names, for example changing Tran back to Chan despite having used Tran for generations already. Conversely, the Chinese migration that was prevalent throughout Vietnam in ancient times saw the population integrate completely into Vietnamese society, hence the high proportion of Chinese blood in the general Vietnamese population.

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