Inside the mind of Jonathan Anderson, fashion’s creative polymath

Fashion is a creative dance between practical design and conceptual thinking. Success comes when the dance is so enthralling people can’t look away.
Jonathan Anderson understands this well and, as a result, he’s enjoyed high praise from critics and a loyal fanbase over the years.
Acting as the creative head of two brands — Spanish house Loewe and his own London-based label JW Anderson — the Northern Irish designer has defined his creative pursuits through collaboration and curation.
“I am an enabler. I am in a privileged position to shine a light on what other people do,” he says of his role as creative director during an interview at JW Anderson’s headquarters in London.
Unveiling JW Anderson’s most recent collection without a traditional runway show, due to the ongoing pandemic, he instead sent would-be guests an interactive booklet featuring photographs of models in various new looks that could be cut out and played with. It was crafty, low-fi and a reminder that fashion is ultimately about making things.
Anderson is a collector of objects, and is passionate about supporting craftspeople and makers through exhibitions and initiatives like the Loewe Craft Prize (“craft is the one of the bedrocks of creativity,” he says). He is also a creative polymath who happily moves between high-brow and mainstream influences, with references soaring and diving between art history and pop culture.

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