MERRY THANKS – MASK Shirt – Shining Shirt

You speak about refusing to conform to the fashion system. Can you expand on that? I never want to lose the joy and sense of fulfillment I get from my work. I am not interested in creating collections in the traditional format every season, I like the idea that in two or three seasons from now I could be exploring just the cut of trousers, designing costumes for a film, or not even creating a collection altogether and just researching without the aim to make [something]. My independence is the most important thing to me. Directed by Kadara Enyeasi and filmed in the Ikoyi neighborhood of Lagos at the Vaughan-Richards residence, which was designed by British-Nigerian architect Alan Vaughan-Richards in the ’70s.

MERRY THANKS – MASK Shirt, sweater and hoodie

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MERRY THANKS – MASK Shirt – Shining Shirt

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