Release the Kraken Trump 2020 – Shining Shirt

Croatian-American model Agatha Luczo started her career in the late-90s working with brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Jeremy Scott. She splits her time between the home she shares with her husband, Steve, and their four children in Atherton, California, and their farm in Sicily, the inspiration behind Furtuna Skin—a wild-foraged collection of complexion essentials, expertly crafted in Italy. A self-proclaimed spiritual person, Luczo is also the proud owner of some of the largest and oldest unadulterated crystals in the world. While there are plenty of ways in which you can use self-quarantine as a time to reset your fashion game—whether reorganizing your wardrobe, editing down your shoe cupboard, or hand-washing your favorite knits—it’s also an opportunity to have a little fun, too. “Your body may be in quarantine right now, but our mind doesn’t have to be,” says Jeremy. “We can still continue to learn, to experiment, to be creative.” Miley’s reply? “I love that!”

Release the Kraken Trump 2020, sweater and hoodie

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Release the Kraken Trump 2020 – Shining Shirt

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