Strangle Things Shirt – Shining Shirt

How did you come up with the name Lagos Space Programme, and what does it mean? I have always been very fascinated by space travel; I wanted a name that contextualized my interests in archival textiles and culture, while also alluding to an idea of the future. In 2018 I showcased my first collection under Lagos Space Programme called Awo-Workwear. It was influenced by the workwear of the babalawo (a traditional priest). Of particular interest was how their practice is informed by divination objects. I am currently working on a new collection that will see me exploring a fascinating Yoruba proverb that goes Aso là ńkí, kí a tó ki ènìyàn, which translates to “We greet dress before we greet its wearer.” The saying confirms the inseparability of dress, performance, and time in Yoruban culture.

Strangle Things Shirt, sweater and hoodie

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Strangle Things Shirt – Shining Shirt

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